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Kathelijn here! I'm a Dutch all-round creative 

who is passionate about telling inspiring stories

& creating intriguing content and visuals.

Known as a darling killer,

I am always effective at creating original solutions:

always thinking about how to tell a story

in the most simple and authentic way

in order to intrigue, enchant & catch an audience.

I thrive on creative challenges where original ideas are needed and I love sharing the creative process:

whether it's capturing other creatives behind the scenes, editing catchy process videos for social media

or documenting my own creative journey - all fun!

After some years at Art School and studying Branding

at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I started creating artwork

that expresses the stories I don't have words for

mixed with my love for fashion, film, motion & street art.

The ultimate dream is to build & run an artist retreat

or playground from where I can create art,

invite other creatives, musicians, photographers, art directors over to share ideas & to create new stories to tell.

Being a storyteller in heart and soul,

the dream scenario would be to document the whole journey to share the story of my life with the world.

Love to hear your story and maybe start writing one together.

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Awards / prizes

BEST MESSAGE  / Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival CFFF / 2019

RUNNER UP BEST NEW TALENT / Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival CFFF / 2019

MENTORSHIP CONVERSE HQ / Winning pitch for creative concept* / Converse / 2018

*AMFI project to answer an industry brief with participating partner Converse


AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute / Fashion & Branding /2019

FHK - Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten / Art, Communication & Design / 2013




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